RIGOLETTO in Performance - Tshombe Selby as the Duke and Mark Cotton as Rigoletto
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The Pirates of Penzance - Watch the Video
The Opera Cowgirls
Buy Tickets $30 Friday Nov 4, Sat Nov 5 and Sun Nov 6, 2022
Delaware Valley Opera Center, Lake Huntington, NY

Transforming a 110 year-old building whose walls have contained through the years a casino, a bowling alley, a ballroom, a rollerskating rink, an art gallery, a bar, and an event space, into a theater is a daunting task! But, our strong and dedicated Board of Directors, partnered with passionate and tireless members of the community, have achieved the task in less than five-weeks, just in time for the opening of our holiday production, "Gift of the Magi."

Words could never fully express our heartfelt gratitude, nor fully encapsulate what their work means to the community. After all, time is our most valuable possession.

Thank you to everyone who has generously and joyfully donated it so abundantly: Lucas and Teresa Arzilli, Lucy Arzilli, David Swendsen, Barclay Lottimer, Keith Eisenstark, Sam Militello, Betsy King, Rebekah Creshkoff, Alison Peck, Patrick Field, Sebastian Kiraly, Sarah Andrews, Tony Castro, Zoot, Charlene Trotter and our tireless President of the Board, Suzann Dvorken! What a team!!

Volunteers at the Delaware Valley Opera Center for Renovation!!
Volunteers at the Delaware Valley Opera Center for Renovation!!